Can the wire rope of the seal be used after it is rusted?

Company News, 09-28-2018

The wire seal is made of rubber-coated steel wire. Because the outer layer of plastic can block the wire rope from the moist air, it can prevent the wire rope from rusting. However, the use of rubber-coated steel wire will add cost, but the wire rope will be very easy to rust without plastic. When this happens, do we need to discard a new wire seal from scratch?
In fact, the rusted wire seal can be used, it is very laborious to use, because the diameter of the rusted wire rope becomes larger, which affects the circulation of the wire rope through the keyhole of the lock body, if the keyhole of the lock body The parts are also rusted, and the difficulty of use will increase. In addition to having an effect on the sealing process, rust has no effect on the tensile strength of the wire rope and the sealing effect of the wire seal. Therefore, if the wire rope is rusted, there is no need to throw away the new use. It is possible to continue to use the rusted wire seal. In order to prevent the wire rope from rusting, the wire seal can be stored in a relatively boring environment to ensure the sealing process. Unaffected.

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